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The OGSA maintains an inventory of books and merchandise to help support researchers' needs.  We try to keep the Store inventory updated but some items may become sold-out before the listings are removed.  Many resources are only printed once and are no longer available after the initial inventory has been depleted though several OSBs have been reprinted.  The OGSA tries to obtain copies of the resources to supply its members and maintains an inventory at our office.  We recommend obtaining copies of materials that you expect to need as soon as possible to avoid missed opportunities.  
Items shown as "Item Status =  Active" should be in-stock while the OGSA may be able to obtain items shown as "Inactive" that we no longer have in our inventory.  These may still be available through our German sources but prices shown were set prior to the pandemic and the Euro and shipping costs have increased since the shown prices were calculated.  Please contact us at Memberships@ogsa.us or call us for availability and pricing information.    
Members need to be logged-in to obtain discounted member pricing.  You may use credit cards or a PayPal account for online orders.  Please use our Order Form to place your order if you prefer to pay via a mailed check.  All pricing includes postage costs. 
Please Note:  The final step of the order process is the entry of a code to verify you have completed the form rather than it being completed by an automated "bot".  Please click the box before the code entry field to generate the code.  The system will then create an order form and provide an option to pay on-line or print the order form and send to it to us with a check for your purchases.
As an all-volunteer organization, orders are processed once a week, generally on Tuesday.  Please forgive us if we have an occasional listing error.  We will promptly process refunds for any orders which may have gone out of print or would have an unexpected delay if an OSB/OFB needs to be obtained from Germany.   
Thank you again for visiting our Store.
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