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September 22, 2022 By: Roger Peters
New Research Download Item - Webcast
Were Your Ancestors Smugglers?, a webcast by Roger Peters on 9/22/2022 has been added to the Member Section, Research Downloads area.
September 11, 2022 By: Roger Peters
New Krummhörn pics!
David Williams contributed several shots from the Krummhörn Region to the Photo Gallery collection.  We welcome additions for any of the Ostfriesen regions if you would like to share your photos.  Shots that you took are best since we need to avoid any copyright issues on them.  Shots with recognizable people can also create privacy and release issues so we are trying to avoid them also. 
June 18, 2022 By: Roger Peters
Welcome to our new website!
We want to make 2022, our 25th year, special to celebrate our Ostfriesen ancestors and their efforts to make a better life for their families and future generations.  They braved many challenges to come to a new land and make a new start for their families.  We hope to celebrate them in many ways this year through webcasts featuring US and international speakers, new resources for our members and this new website that will allow us to add and enhance our on-line resources to better support your research.
We hope that you enjoy this new website and our programs during the coming year!  Thank you for your support, it helps to make these things possible.