Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America


Surnames and Queries for Anyone with Ostfriesen Ancestry

The OGSA operated a Query message board for inquiries about Ostfriesland families, history or customs for many years.  Spam was an increasing problem so we elected to close the board to new entries, clean out the spam, and provide the archive to help families make connections. We hope that you find it helpful.

The RootsWeb Ostfriesen mailing list is not affiliated with the OGSA, but many of our members are active participants.  The searchable list archive contains thousands of inquiries, responses and comments about Ostfriesen families, communities and culture.  This is a great resource designed exclusively for questions about Ostfriesen ancestry, customs, travel or events.

We recommend checking the list's archives since it contains a wealth of information for possible connections to your families or communities.

If your question pertains to another area or topic, please check this link to find the appropriate discussion group.

Please read the following before posting your questions or comments:
Please review the mailing list guidance.
Please include dates and places of residence for your ancestor(s) to ensure you get the most help
Consider including a short paragraph describing a particularly elusive ancestor.
When you contact an individual from the mailing list, please let them know where you got their email