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Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America

Books & Gift Items

We are constantly searching for materials that our members can use in their understanding of Ostfriesland.  Many of the books listed below have been translated into English by OGSA President Gene Janssen.    YOU NEED THESE BOOKS!

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Great gift ideas from the Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America for anyone interested in Ostfriesen genealogy and culture. Proceeds from sales go towards furthering the mission of OGSA.  More books are being printed - stay in touch!

Ostfriesland Flag
11" x 17" mounted on a 1/4" x 24" dowel

Price: $12.00   In stock!  We also have a couple of  larger flags in stock.  Call us for info.

Map of Ostfriesland
22" x 24" — this map is folded — scale is 1:200,000
This colorful map covers the area east of Winschoten in The Netherlands,
north of Papenburg and west of Oldenburg and includes the Islands in the North Sea. 
Every small village is included in this map along with crosses indicating churches (not indexed).  Also noted are the villages that were lost due to storm floods.  Frame it for your family!

Price: $7.00  
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Freizeitatlas Ostfriesland  (Scale 1:60,000)

This book of maps is a MUST for anyone researching or traveling to Ostfriesland!  It includes pages of very detailed maps.  Each small street and roadway is noted along with churches, restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest.   There is information on each map face page about the area that is written in German, but what you really need are the good maps!

Price: $18.00   (Highly Recommended)  top of page

Sweatshirts and T-Shirts
Embroidered with Ostfriesen Genealogical Society
or So Schön Ostfriesen on the front.
Good quality — great for travel in Osfriesland!
Colors: black, navy blue, red, white
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Not currently in stock, must be ordered.
Price: T-shirts (all sizes) $20.00
Sweatshirts (S, M, L, XL) $28.00
Sweatshirts (XXL)
$30.00  top of page


Baseball Caps
Embroidered with Ostfriesland across the front.
One size fits all. Colors: black, navy blue, red 
A big hit in Ostfriesland.

Price: $16.00  
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Ostfriesland Ortssippenbücher (OSBs)
Please see the OSB page for general details for a description and about availability. Because of the unpredictable and limited supply of these books, please contact OGSA for current pricing and availability of the OSB you want.
Shipments take six to eight weeks.  Some OSB are currently in stock. 
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An Introduction to Ostfriesen Genealogy & Research!
f you are new to genealogical research for this area, you will need this book.  Patronymical naming systems, social status, church records and more! 

Articles from past issues of the OGSA newsletter along with additional data.  By Lin Cornelius Strong, OGSA news editor.

Price: $18.00

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CHURCHES OF OSTFRIESLAND, English Translation by George W. Heikes and Gene Janssen (Original Title: Ostfriesen Kirchen)

Originally, this book was written by Dr. Robert Noah and published in German by the Ostfriesische Landschaft.  This book gives wonderful details about historically significant churches in Ostfriesland.  You will want a copy of this for your personal library and for gifts to give to friends and relatives.  Front cover is color, black and white illustrations and pictures.  Includes a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Price: $15.00

This is a must for your personal library!    top of page

Brief History of Ostfriesland

Originally published in Jever as Kurze Geschichte Ostfrieslands.   By Carl Woebecken Translated into English by Gene Janssen, 2000

Written in 1949, this 76 page book covers the history of Ostfriesland from the year 400 and the Saxon's and Dane's in Ostfriesland through the reign of the Cirksena Family and the Prussian Empire.  

This is an important book for anyone with Ostfriesen ancestry

Price:  $22.00    top of page

So Schön ist Ostfriesland (So Beautiful is Ostfriesland)
photographed by Dirk Rademaker; text by Ewald Christophers

This 96-page book is filled with 100 colored pictures taken all over Ostfriesland from small villages to larger cites, from old windmills and dikes to life on the North Sea. This is a hardcover book written in English, French, and German. It deserves a place on your coffee table where your guests can take a mini tour of Ostfriesland and appreciate the unique beauty of that part of Germany. It is a book you will read over and over again.

Price: $18.00    top of page

From Squire to Prince
Being a History of the Rise of the House of Cirksena

by Walter Phelps Dodge

This 120 page book traces the history of the family who ruled Ostfriesland from 1441 to 1625. This is a fictional account based on historical data.  Well worth reading! It's an easy interesting read!

Price: $8.00

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Storm Floods
1,000 Years of Catastrophic Floods on the Ostfriesen Coast
by Heiner Schroder, translated by OGSA member Gene Janssen  Newly formatted with new maps.

This book tells the story of storm floods on the North Sea coast and specifically on the Ostfriesen coast from the beginning of dike building around the year 1000. C. E. 

More info...

Price: $12.00    top of page  Newly Formatted & Printed!

The Ostfriesen, Who They Were & How They Lived  

This book was written by Pastor Jürgen Hoogstraat of Victorbur, Ostfriesland, based on his lectures at the 2003 OGSA conference. 

How did your ancestors live?  Were they rich farmers or very poor moor farmers?  How did they celebrate holidays and live their daily lives? 

This is excellent data that you need to know!  This was printed for the 2010 OGSA conference and sold out immediately.  Lin Strong edited the book and took the pictures.  This is a book you need for your research. 

Price:  $22.00

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East Friesland: The 7 Sea-lands
published by Ostfriesische Landschaft

A collection of historical and cultural sketches accompanied by many beautiful photographs and illustrations. 30 pages, soft cover, 8.5" x 11"
  • God created the sea, the Friesians the coast.
  • An important piece of history...
  • Fresh wind
  • Islands of Peace...
  • Celestial Sounds
  • Free Farmers
  • Self-confident Citizens
  • Artistic Nobility
  • Arcadian on the North Sea and more...

Price: $8.00    top of page

The East Friesians in America

This book was written by Pastor Schnucker in 1917 about the early Ostfriesen colonies. 

It was translated into English by Kenneth De Wall and has been reformatted and printed by OGSA. 

Great insight into life at that time!  Hundreds of names of early immigrants.   Make sure you get a copy of this book!

Price: $24.00 

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A Krummhörn Tour

This book was written by Jürgen Hoogstraat and translated into English by Gene Janssen.  It is an easy read and draws the reader along the road through the countryside.   The Krummhörn is located west and north of Emden along the North Sea Coast

Price:  $14.00

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Have you wondered about how and why our ancestors emigrated from Ostfriesland?  Pastor Jürgen Hoogstraat of Victorbur, Ostfriesland is an authority on this subject. 

The book was originally written in Germany and translated into English by Gene Janssen. 

You need to read this book!

Price:  $22.00

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Großefehn is one of the most beautiful villages in Ostfriesland.  If you are interested in history, windmills and how early residents lived, you need to read this book - even if your ancestors were not residents of the area. 

Gene Janssen translated this book into English.

Price:  $22.00

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Ostfriesen Windmills - a favorite of every visitor to Ostfriesland.  Colored pictures of all the mills along with a colored map showing their locations. 

Originally published by the Ostfriesische-Landschaft in German, translated into English by Gene Janssen.

Price:  $14.00

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The Butjadingen area includes the villages of Varel, Berne, Jade and up along the coast.  The history of Butjadingen is also the history of Ostfriesland. 

How early residents influenced by the North Sea, the coasts and history!  Short history of each of the villages and photographs by Lin Cornelius Strong. 

Price:  $18.00

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The OGSA American-Ostfriesen Zeitung.

Back Issues

The newsletter has been published by OGSA for 13 years.  Back issues of many issues are available.  Issues from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 are available by subscription and can be downloaded from our website or sent by pdf attachments. 

Check back, a link to the newsletter index will be included here soon!

Please contact OGSA at info@ogsa.us for more information.

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