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OGSA Books and Merchandise/Book Store

The OGSA has developed or provides many historical, cultural and genealogical resources to benefit your research and they make great gifts.  Please see our catalog for a full listing or the links to some of our newest updates below.  Orders can be placed using our order form or PayPal

OGSA Bookshelf

Includes many books translated into English by the OGSA. 

Wo Sind Sie Geblieben (Where Did They Stay?)

This six-volume set of books with an index provides obituary information compiled from the Ostfriesische Nachrichten, originally published in Breda, IA.  If you have emigrant ancestors, you need this set of books!

Ostfriesen Ortssippenücher (OSB) Prefaces

OSB's (community church books) are great sources of community and family information.  OGSA volunteers have translated the many of the OSB prefaces containing the historic community and church information from German into English for our members.  These prefaces are listed to OGSA's Catalog



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